Basis Climate Partners with Station A to Democratize the Clean Energy Transition

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Station A, a building decarbonization and climate action platform, in a joint effort to accelerate and democratize the energy transition through the use of tax credit transfers.

Check out our Fireside Chat: Understanding Transferability on Station A's blog.

Station A has developed a proprietary AI-powered platform to analyze and grade buildings to identify the best candidates for clean energy projects, including solar and EV charging. They then connect the owners and tenants of these buildings with a network of pre-vetted clean energy providers who can provide competitive pricing and proposals. Discover more about Station A's innovative approach at their website.

Real estate firms often approach us for help early in the development process. Under our agreement, we will direct opportunities to Station A for initiating various clean energy projects, including rooftop solar installations and battery energy storage. In return, Station A can introduce clients to Basis Climate for clean energy tax credit transfers once projects are nearing completion. This creates a synergistic relationship that will not only benefit all parties involved but will also accelerate decarbonization efforts in the commercial building sector. 

Buildings are a major contributor to climate change, accounting for more than a quarter of U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions. Decarbonizing these buildings and making the most of their rooftops is essential for achieving our climate goals, and this partnership is a step forward in making that happen.

We look forward to working together on our first projects in the first half of 2024.
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